• Observation of brown bears

    8 days / 7 nights
    Olkhon island, Chivirkuysky Bay
    Any day: 15 May — 30 June

     Meet sacred Lake Baikal and its main taiga owner - brown bear!

    Price: 1 472
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  • Visiting Baikal National Parks

    9 days / 8 nights
    Any day: 15 May — 15 September

    We can see the untouched nature of Lake Baikal, the same as it used to be thousands years ago, only at certain protected areas, such as reserves, National parks and closed woods.

    Price: 1 767
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  • Sacred Lake Baikal

    2 days / 1 nights
    Any day: 1 June — 1 September

    During the trip you will visit most interesting excursions. Its gonna be the unique open-air museum “Taltzy”, you will dive virtually at Baikal museum and make a mini-cruise along the famous Round Baikal railroad.

    Price: 286
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  • All Baikal pearls

    8 days / 7 nights
    Maloye Sea, Olkhon island, Chivirkuysky Bay
    Any day: 1 June — 30 September

    An unforgettable cruise to the Northern part of Lake Baikal on one of the most comfortable boats in its class.

    Price: 1 500
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  • Freeride at lake Baikal

    5 days / 4 nights
    Any day: 14 February — 27 April

    Free-ride in Davan is a great opportunity to breath clean and fresh air. U have to feel the energy of hight mountains and the bright Sun. its a lot of white snow, which you can use for active sports like skiing and snowboarding.

    Price: 2 800
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Baikal amazed me! Very often the expectations are not met. At Lake Baikal it was the opposite. 


About Baikal

Baikal is a unique lake in the centre of Siberia in Russian Asia. Age of Lake Baikal is around 25-30 million years that refers it to the most ancient lakes in the world.

The lake has a form of crescent and goes from north to south-west having the length of 636 km. The maximum width is 81km, the minimum is 27km. The size of surface is 31 500 km², volume is 23 000km³, the length of coastline is approximately 2100km. “if water of saint lake is allocated over whole planet it is going to be about 30sm! Baikal is 20% of all planet potable water. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Earth”.

Thank to influence of great water depth Baikal area has its own sea climate. It is sunny here during 317 days a year.

Baikal is nature hangover and it is included to the list of Universal nature heritage of United Nations Organization for Education as one of the most beautiful and the cleanest places in the Earth.

In the opinion of experienced traveler, the winter season on Lake Baikal is the best time to visit. Each and every day is different from the last. The 32,000 sq km lake is your frozen playground. Around every corner you will find a new phenomenon, and no matter how varied your desires. There is always a new adventure to undertake.

Prime time at Lake Baikal is in the month of March, when temperatures hover above zero and the lake is still safely frozen over. The winter sun is dazzling in a cloudless sky and shines off the snow, the icy lake and gigantic ice hummocks. 



Don’t miss a chance to take a walk upwards along the river where you gonna see number of waterfalls. Which falling down into the canyon. Take your time and enjoy. Try to find yourself between some places. Feel yourself united with the nature around in Eastern Sayan Mountains.

Вы можете присоединиться к уже сформированным группам и не только увидеть красоту Байкала, но и найти новых друзей.
В таких турах размер групп от 8 до 16 человек - это оптимальное количество людей для комфортного путешествия по Байкалу.

В тур такого типа вы можете поехать своей компанией в ту дату, которая удобна вам, а маршрут и способ передвижения можно скорректировать под ваши запросы

Туры такого типа разработаны специально для отдыха всем коллективом.