Circum-Baikal Railway

If you have visited southern Baikal or Listvyanka — we advise you to spend one day at Circum-Baikal Railway! It is convenient way to go from Listvyanka to Kultuk by tourist train if your route goes to Arshan or Ulan-Ude.

Elena Sakharova
tour organizator

Circum-Baikal Railway is the biggest architectural monument in Russia nowadays and the most expensive railroad built in royal Russia! This place is considered one of the most attractive places on Baikal! Tunnels and arches on the shore of Baikal are built in delicate style of Italian architectures. This place reminds a small piece of old Europe in far-away Siberia. The Trans-Siberian railway  used to be a part of great Circum-Baikal Railway.

In 1891 Emperor Alexander III issued an edict about beginning of construction of Trans-Siberian Railway from Chelyabinsk to Vladivostok. This railway was aimed to connect European Russia and Asia. It has no counter types of similar difficulty in the whole world!

Circum-Baikal Railway  is called a «Golden Bucket» of Russia because of its numerous costs. This railway concentrates 39 tunnels, 15 galleries, 440 bridges and other constructions on its 84 km length! During 2 years and 3 months of intensive work best architectures from Italy, Albania, Poland and Latvia set rails into the rocks and slopes of Primorskiy mountain range. About 1 ton of dynamite for each 1 km in average was be used to clear space for railroad on rocky terrain. Thanks to great talent and terrific work of constructors of Circum-Baikal Railway. Its engineer constructions, its perfectly fit into severe Baikal landscape.

This part of Trans-Siberian Railway is not operating nowadays. It is used mostly for tourist attraction as unique architecture ensemble and as a historical open-air monument. Behind the curves of numerous tunnels the mighty peaks of Chamar-Daban Mountain ridge appear. Seagulls are hovering above your head. Sharp rocks of the shore rise up high and impress by their funny-shapes curves and shapes. The air here is still filled with memories of those times when the noise of hammers. Axes was heard and cloud from the train smoke covered the sun.

In summer time you may take a ride over Circum-Baikal line in an old train just like long time ago. Or observe the sights of the monument from waters of the lake in a boat or yacht.

You immerse yourself in history of great country and construction of great railway of all times. In the surrounding of beauties of the clearest fresh water Lake in the world!

Get Trans-Siberian Railway on Baikal shore! Call us. We help you to plan your vacation.

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