Listvyanka is a center of infrastructure and is an optimal starting point for any Baikal journey. We recommend you to visit Baikal museum with aquarium of Baikal seal — it is worth it!

Anastasia Zapyokina

Travelling across Lake Baikal over a hundred years ago, one of greatest Russian writers Anton Chekhov called Listvyanka «Northern Yalta». (Yalta is a resort on Southern coast of the Crimean peninsula famous for its landscape and mountains surrounding the coast).

Scenic highway along the banks of the Angara river takes 70 km (44 miles) from Irkutsk city to Lake Baikal. Despite the «rural» administrative position, Listvyanka is a center for modern service industry, ecological tourism and leisure. Resort with hotels and restaurants, spa and saunas with the Baikal water, an observatory, and even aquarium with Baikal seals.

The Baikal museum is one of it’s kind in the country where you can to study visual.

U can see the results of the Lake Baikal  scientific research through dynamic exhibits and programs. The Museum’s aquarium  is home to local species like pike, perch, small fry, catfish, carp scaly, carp mirror, crucian and sturgeon. You can even virtually plunge into maximum depth of 1637 meters (5370 feet) and explore lake from the inside like researchers of Baikal!

Above all Listvyanka offers a heaven for boats, yachts, beaches, and excellent vacation!

In the summer Listvyanka is a starting and finishing point for many routes and travel. Going north the boat delivers you to coast of the Maloye sea, Olkhon island or to coast of Northern Baikal. Going West you will see all grandness and scale of one of the largest architectural ensembles of the country — the Circum-Baikal Railway. And in the east you will see giants of Chamar-Daban mountains. White-headed ridges of Chamar-Daban even in the summer covered with snow. There appearing in a haze from opposite coast, green taiga of the coastal hills and emerald-blue surface of Baikal.

Would you like to visit Listvyanka? This is the best starting point for any Baikal journey! Rent a boat and choose cruise on Baikal visiting Listvyanka.

We may offer you different duration routes visiting not only Listvyanka, but also other magnificent places on Baikal Lake. Book your travel to Baikal!


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