Shumak is an extraordinary place. It is located at the altitude of 1558 meters at the very heart of Sayan mountains. Nobody stayed indifferent to this place after visiting it. You will find virgin forests and mountains, narrow paths covered with pine-needles, hot springs and cold mineral water here. In this place you will feel real idyll between you and mountainous nature. Shumak is a paradise in the mountains!

Lilia Ahmatnurova

Shumak is located approximately 110 km away from the shores of Baikal. There are only two ways to get there — on foot or by helicopter. If you decide to get there on foot you will need to go through the mountain pass 3000 meters high, but once you reach  mineral springs of Shumak you will realize that it is worth it!

The springs are located at the valley of Shumak river, at the confluence of two rivers: Right Shumak and Shumak. This place is surrounded by mountains. These mineral springs are type of acidulated water from Shumak. Chemically they belong to the acidulated hydro-carbonated magnesium — calcium waters.

The water comes out from the ground in three lines and here more than 100 different springs. Some say that people with incurable diseases were brought here and after a month of treating they were able to walk and go at home by themselves. Everybody can improve their health here and find the most suitable spring. You can found there hot radon bathes and curative.

Moreover, you will get  a lot of energy due to the Siberian nature and  participate in different excursions. You may visit the waterfall of Perevalnaya river, which reaches the height of 100 meters, walking to the sacred Buryat place Khukhein — Khada and ascend the Three captains peak of the height of 3000 meters!

Feel the power of Siberian nature at Shumak mineral springs!


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