Hotels and camps

Bayar hotel court

«Bayar» is one of few Maloye Sea Strait hotels that is able to accommodate 100 people with comfort all year round.

«At Kotelnikovsky bay» tourist center

«At Kotelnikovsky bay» tourist center is the piece of civilization in one of the wildest and the most beautiful places of Baikal Lake. And what a piece! It is located on the foot of Baikal range, with the closest city in 100 kilometers far from here, surrounded with evergreen pines. The hotel has comfortable luxury suites, satelite connection, and internet.

«Anastasia» Hotel Complex

The VIP level hotel “Anastasia” is located in the village Nikola near the source of Angara River, on the bank of Baikal.

Krestovaya pad

Complex can hold 60 people because it has two blocks and two cottages. There are two restaurants and summer café.

Baikal dunes

“Baikal Dunes” is a Hotel from Fairy tale. It is located on the golden sand of so-called Baikal Pearl - Peschanaya Bay.

Mayak Hotel

The hotel is situated in the center of Listvyanka at the lakeside.

Yenkhok Eco-Hotel

Yenkhok Eco-Hotel is a comfortable holiday center nestled in a secluded place. It is located in the same-name place famous for the large number of ants! This is also a place where more than 1000 plant species grow, including rare species of edelweiss.

Baikal Residence

Baikal Residence is a 5-star hotel. “Style”, “comfort”, “luxury” are the three words to best describe this place. The hotel is situated at the lakeside. Beautiful scenery lovers will definitely be excited about it.

Baikal View Hotel

Baikal View Hotel is a unique hotel situated on Olkhon Island and meeting international accommodation and nutrition standards for hotels.


Вы можете присоединиться к уже сформированным группам и не только увидеть красоту Байкала, но и найти новых друзей.
В таких турах размер групп от 8 до 16 человек - это оптимальное количество людей для комфортного путешествия по Байкалу.

В тур такого типа вы можете поехать своей компанией в ту дату, которая удобна вам, а маршрут и способ передвижения можно скорректировать под ваши запросы

Туры такого типа разработаны специально для отдыха всем коллективом.