To go to this place u can use boat or helicopter. In either case we advise you to make a stop and have a swim at hot thermal springs!

Oksana Morkhoeva

Far away at the north of Baikal where the shore is overgrown with cedar trees, pine trees and Siberian larch trees. Where  sand beach stretches 4 km long along the shoreline. There are the strongest mineral hot springs — Khakusy. This place is fabulous with unique energy. The combination of Siberian taiga forest together with white sand and hot mineral waters provides special power to this place.

The whole way to the springs from the shore takes just 10 min. There are cedar trees growing from both sides of the track. In the middle of the lawn you’ll see a wooden house, divided in two halves: men and women zone. This is where hot baths are with clear running water. One should be careful when starting to swim. Because the water temperature is high and it seems extremely hot at first. Those who are afraid to try hot bath, firstly can  try the water between the stones behind the hot baths, where it is a little bit colder. There is also a springs well with clear water  which is it recommended to have a drink. The water has slightly mineral taste. On the other end of a lawn you will find the same hot water  shower from near-by rocks. You may try to take a hot shower there if you’ll be able to bear it.The main indications to take the hot bath for treatment are arthropathy, loco motor system disease, chronic gynecological illness and skin diseases (dermatopathy, eczema, psoriasis).

The springs by contents are similar to famous mineral springs of Pyatigorsk. The temperature in springs reaches 114 F. You can be able to see rare plants there: juniper, dwarf birch tree, different flowers and herbs that are protected and stated at Red Book. 

Except swimming in hot springs there are excellent swimming at the Lake! White and gold sands of local beach will satisfy you. Those who would like to have trekking, have to visit magnificent Flolykha lake.

Khakusy — care about your health on Baikal vacations!


We may offer you cruises to the Northern Baikal visiting Khakusy thermal springs. We may offer you different duration routes visiting not only Northern Baikal, but also other amazing places on Baikal Lake. Book your travel to Baikal.

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