Zama is a remote place on  Lake Baikal with a comfortable hotel surrounded by nature of Pribaikalskiy National park.

Yulia Makarova

300 km away from Irkutsk on  extremity of Maloye Sea strait there is a small, quiet and calm village — Zama. "Zama" terrain is picturesque and vast meadow valley, flowering at summer time with red lilies and yellow poppies. There is also a small Laguna lake rich in fish not far from it. There is also a healing mineral spring which  helps u for gastric.

The name of this place asis associated with local legend. When buryat (native people of Siberia) ancestors were occupying the Lake Baikal  area in XVII century, their way further to north was blocked up with mountains. Then people shouted: "Zam-ungeree" which meant that the road has ended and disappeared. So the village was constructed at that place.

In 1990 the "Camel Trophy" expedition came to this place and went along near-by golden field.

Zama is a place for quiet private rest. In the mornings you’ll enjoy listening to the birds singing and waves splashing on the Baikal shore.

Located at the territory of Pribaikalskiy national park, the nature of Zama has kept its virginity and primitivism of ancient Siberia. In spite of remoteness from cities and civilization, Zama offers comfortable accommodation and great service. Which deserves to be included in your cruise route of Baikal journey!


We may offer you fascinating cruises on Baikal Lake visiting Zama. For groups from 6 persons we may offer accommodation at Zama hotel, 4-wheelers expeditions and rides, horse-riding and walking excursions at that region of Baikal. Book your travel to Baikal!

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Вы можете присоединиться к уже сформированным группам и не только увидеть красоту Байкала, но и найти новых друзей.
В таких турах размер групп от 8 до 16 человек - это оптимальное количество людей для комфортного путешествия по Байкалу.

В тур такого типа вы можете поехать своей компанией в ту дату, которая удобна вам, а маршрут и способ передвижения можно скорректировать под ваши запросы

Туры такого типа разработаны специально для отдыха всем коллективом.