Chivirkuysky Bay

Chivirkuysky Bay is not accidentally first one on our web-site. It is considered the best place for vacations with the warmest waters and exciting fishing on Lake Baikal! All speed-boats and yachts are aimed to get there in summer time and all expeditions over frozen Baikal in winter reach that place.

Anatoliy Kazakevich

There are some places on Baikal with a special protection regime on their territory. Chivirkuysky bay is one of those places. It is located on the territory of Barguzin Nature Reserve where Baikal's  waters are warm and shallow. It is truly wild and magical place. You will find yourself in the surroundings of dense taiga forest and crystal—clear vast waters of Sacred Lake. No properties are built there except small water-floating tourist base «Ecotour» which will hospitably welcome you aboard.

 The Bay was named after Great Chivirkuy river which flows into the Bay on its northern part. The river is named from the word «Chivir» which means «to twirl or to move» in Evenk language. In past times the Bay was called Kurbulikskiy.

 The shoreline of the bay is curved by the waters of numerous nooks, with sand floors that are spread with the carpet of seaweed and near-by slopes covered with taiga forest. When the weather is nice and clear, one may see even the every sea-plant, and watch fish which  grazing among the seaweed.

We may offer you a private picnic in one of such cozy and quiet places. Picnic is gonna  served with best Russian traditions. With cooked fresh Baikal fish — Omul, taiga berry — Brusnika and hot tea with Siberian herbs.

 Chivirkuyskiy Bay waters are abundant with fish. Some people say that in this place  more fish than in Maloye Sea. There are different kinds of fish that live in Chivirkuysky Bay: Perch, Pike and Siberian Roach. Sometimes there you can meet some big Pikes — weighing more than 10 kg! Though the fishing in Chivirkuysky Bay is a special topic for discussion.

 There is one nook called Zmeevaya (Snake) in the Bay. It is special place among the others. Its have the natural thermal spring which comes out of the ground in that place. The spring this water have curative qualities and can help you from some diseases. The combination of fresh summer air, warmth of curative water, fascinating views of Lake Baikal waters around you. All this create amazing effect of recovery from yours daily routine and depression. The floating hotel is located right in this nook.

 Some time ago one may have met Brown bear right on the shores of the Bay! Nowadays it is a rarity, the Kings of Siberian taiga forest  going mostly the depth.

 Thanks to shallowness of waters in Chivirkuysky Bay and big amount of sunny days, the water temperature rises up to 64-75F . In summer time and in southern part even more than that.

 In combination with excellent beaches, including sand beaches, Chivirkuysky Bay becomes the marvelous place for your summer vacations!


Have you liked the most fishing place on Baikal? You may choose different cruise routes including Chivirkuisky Bay together with our fishing offer on Baikal Lake. We may offer you different duration routes where you will visit not only Chivirkuysky Bay, but also other places on Baikal. Book tour travel to Baikal!

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