Frolikha Lake

There are many small and remote lakes around Lake Baikal . Most of them are locates in Natural Reserves. To my mind, the most picturesque and wild of them is Frolikha Lake. You may get there either by foot after u make Baikal cruise or by helicopter. Which is more attractive. Moreover, there is a perfect landing place for a helicopter.

Elena Sakharova
tour organizator

One cannot describe the enchantment of this Lake, you have to visit the place by yourself. The magic of northern Baikal, gorgeous and gentle landscapes, fresh water and air. Untouched dense taiga forest and bear’s footprints on the ground. The thaw less snow of the summits high in the mountains. Thick morning fog and terrific sunsets which covering half of the evening sky. Boisterous rivers and icy springs, the virgin fish stocks. These all are Frolikha Lake. Wonderful country called Zabaikalye starts at that place. It is rarely visited by tourists compared to other natural sights of Baikal region.

If you are looking for a quiet remote place. With truly transparent water and a lots of fish. With virgin primeval taiga forest — Frolikha lake is a right choice for you!

There is a Frolikha river which runs out of the same-name Lake and brings its waters to Baikal. This river is abundant with unique for Siberia kind of red fish — Davatchan. This fish is a relict form of Ice age. It is rarely met in Baikal itself. It mostly inhabits Frolikha riverside and also can be seen on the territory from Tompa river to Upper Angara. The meat of Davatchan fish is red, sometimes is incorrectly called a Trout. The Lake is rich in other kind of fish. There you may find taimen, goldilocks, pike, grayling, Siberian roach and perch. One may be lucky to catch perch or pike with every casting the line.

The most advantage of this lake is absence of automobile road. You may get there only by foot on a trail. From Ayaya Bay to Frolikha Lake there is 8 km long trail. Which will lead you from  through taiga forest  to this picturesque Lake. Other way to get there is by helicopter, observing and enjoying the beauty of this place from the air.

The origin of this lake is of special interest. Located 9 km deep into the mountain valley, it will bring you back to ancient  times. Except excellent fishing, you will enjoy great swimming as well as kilometers of sand beaches! The water temperature reaches here 70F at summer time.

If you are looking for remote quiet nooks, untouched virgin nature, excellent fishing and mysterious nature — Frolikha Lake is a perfect place for your Baikal journey!


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