Would you like to see Eastern Sayan Mountains, visit Buddhist temple — Datsan and drink natural mineral springs? Then we advise you to make a stop for a couple days at Arshan settlement. You may also have a swim at thermal springs there!

Irina Repina
tour organizator

Small Arshan settlement is spread at the very foot of high Sayan Mountains in Tunka valley. Huge trunks of cedar trees, mountain waterfalls, hot mineral springs, spirit and religious atmosphere of Buddhism are mixed in this mysterious place.

Arshan is a world of mountain spirits and legends. Rapid rivers running on the bottoms of steep rocky canyons will tell you the stories of those times when Genghis-Khan army horses passed  the valley. Boiling waterfalls will tell you stories about golden wash in their foamy flows. In Buddhist temple — Datsan you will get familiar with a real Lama. Also u can turn around  sacred drum to bring your tribute to local mountain spirits.

From the language of Buryat people the name of the settlement «Arshan» is translated as «Saint spring». This place was called so because of the numerous natural mineral water springs appearing right from the ground.

Curative qualities of these springs are famous all over the territory of Siberia. There you may take mud bathes for skin rejuvenation. Drink as much mineral water as you want which has salutary effect to your whole body. You may enjoy hot bathes of the near-by settlement «Zhemchug», effects of this waters  are good for the loco motor system. The air here is also curative being influenced by the near-by Mountains.

Don’t miss a chance to take a walk upwards along the river. Where you gonna see number of waterfalls which falling down into the canyon. Take your time and enjoy. Try to find yourself between some places. Feel yourself united with the nature around in Eastern Sayan Mountains.

Arshan is worth being included into your Baikal journey plan. The unique natural sights, Buddhism spirit, mighty mountains and total idyll with the surrounding nature will definitely touch your heart.

Arshan is not located at the shore of Lake Baikal. It is 120 km away from the lake and is situated in the heart of Tunka valley. Which is considered  to be the extension of great Baikal crack.

For those who like active tours we may organize trekking trip in Arshan. Duration of trekking route varies from 1—7 days. Minimum group size is 7 people. Book your travel to Baikal.

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