Ushkany Islands

If you ask me where is the most reserved place on Lake Baikal? I would definitely answer — Ushkany Islands. Untouched wild nature, resting place of Baikal seal. You should spend at least half a day there and you will never forget it!

Oksana Morkhoeva

About 7 km westward of Holy Nose Peninsula there is a famous archipelago — Ushkany Islands. This place is unique by its nature and beauty. It was developed separately from the main land but the archipelago concentrates all wonders and miracles of Baikal nature.

Archipelago of Ushkany Islands  consists of four islands: Big, Thin, Round and Long. The biggest is 9,5 squire km and it stretches west-east for 5 km long, and its width is about 3 km. This is the resting place for biggest mammal of Lake Baikal  — Baikal seal. It is the only fresh-water seal in the world. Here you can see those gorgeous animals laying on the warm stones and rocks on summer days.

The Islands shock their visitors by their natural beauty. It is the place where a variety of endemic species which can be met only on archipelago . Such species are «Ushkanya» birch trees with black bark, «Ushkanya» pine trees with mysteriously twisting shapes of trunks. All those trees are long-livers and some already 300 years old! One of the most unique phenomenon here is ant-hills. The population density of ant-hills on Big Island about 18—20 ant-hills on a territory of 1 hectar. Nothing to be compared with this numbers.

Its impossible not  visit archipelago of Ushkaniy Islands  being on a cruise on Lake Baikal. Its separated from the main land Islands and always been attraction for travelers and tourists. You will enjoy laying on a beach, fishing, taking terrific pictures. Finding yourself in the surroundings of untouched virgin nature of the clearest Lake in the world!

«The Islands  are as magnificent as Paradise», — said one famous traveler D.V.Hezer. «This is the shore which we wish to be stranded to after the shipwreck».


Take to fright one ship on Baikal and visit Ushkaniy Islands. After visiting this reserved place you will not stay indifferent to it — we can assure you! Book your travel to Baikal!

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