Peschanaya Bay

 Baikal is different in different places. Peschanaya (Sandy) Bay is a wonderful combination of huge rocks and sand beaches. If you are active and just cant stay at one place for a long time. Peschanaya Bay offers you a variety of different walking routes. On the whole western shore of Lake Baikal  starting from the south of the Lake till Olkhon Island. This territory is the most picturesque! Here you will find what is called real Baikal!

Oksana Morkhoeva

We prefer talking about Peschanaya Bay only in poems or in a superlative form.

Peschanaya Bay is one of the most fascinating places on Baikal. Golden sand beaches, centuries-old cedar trees that rise in dense taiga forest. Vitamin cocktails made from forest berries. Unbelievably crystal clear water of the Lake. These things are associated with Peschanaya Bay.

The amount of sunny days at this place more than at famous Black sea resorts, the average year temperature here is always positive. We offer excellent beach vacations and first-class accommodation at the hotel. The rocks-bells, trees-walkers, golden sand, ideally smooth gravel-stones and vast expanses of Baikal waters will definitely impress you! All this you will find in Peschanaya Bay.

Any cruise supposed to go in this such amazing and picturesque place as Peschanaya Bay, or locally called Peschanka. The Bay is guarded by two rocks-giants located on both sides of it, Big and Small Belfries. They protect Peshanaya Bay by their steep rocky slopes from strong winds. The Big Belfry Rock wasused like the first lighthouse on Baikal Lake. Which was lighted manually and helped ships not to lose their way.

The bay is lighted by golden sands and bright summer sun. Sand dunes are changed by centuries-old pine trees, behind them hidden natural architectural creatures — granite rocks. There you can imagine a lion, a spider, an English Hat and even Buddha!

The trees-walkers are the masterpieces themselves! Ancient larch-trees that are shaped into unpredictable forms by the time and strong Baikal winds. For many years these trees-walkers have made their way in the vastness of this cozy Bay.

Not far from Peschanaya Bay there is Gannet’s Rock. This place is the main place for nesting of black and white Gannet birds (Sula bassana). These big and gorgeous birds have attracted hunters at all times. In chase of their warm down hair the population of Gannets was almost destroyed. However during the last 3 years more and more Gannets return to their small homeland. Nowadays it is not a rarity to see a big black hovering bird right above your head in Peschanaya Bay.

Peschanaya Bay is a perfect place for your vacations. Here you can take Banya (Russian steam sauna) with your friends and after have a swim at Baikal waters. Make a family walk along the marvelous sandy beaches. Have a swim at transparent waters of Baikal at hot summer day. Relax sitting at the arbor and enjoy fascinating sunset above the endless waters of the Sacred lake. Hospitable and comfortable accommodation will pleasantly surprise you. Peschanaya Bay is truly the pearl of Baikal!


We offer unforgettable cruises on Baikal Lake visiting Peschanaya Bay. We may offer you different routes visiting not only Peschanaya Bay, but also other magnificent places on Baikal. Book your travel to Baikal!

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