If adrenalin is in your blood, if hands are shaking from strain, if your eyes are flickering with passion, and if heart is palpitating, its mean you are hunter. And if you are surrounded with skyward mountains and with thousand kilometers of the cleanest water then you are hunting in Baikal area.

We have been dealing with hunting for a long time. Preparing hunting tour includes choosing equipment according to hunting type, inspecting it, and making a license for hunting; jaegers and guides are to accompany you.

During ordinal trip you are hardly to meet wild animal. People with their life style made them go far away from the cities and tourist bases long time ago. However, our company knows those places where a bear is still the tsar of Siberian taiga and where Manchurian deer and roes are walking in Baikal forests. Representatives of our company deal with looking for appropriate wildlife sanctuaries and hunting farms. We cooperate only with jaegers and professional hunters.

We offer several hunting types:

 Siberian stag hunting known as the "roar" or "rut" hunting, lurk hunting with husky;

 Siberian roe;


 Hunting a bear with carrion as a bait;

 Sable, squirrel

The main rules  of our company during hunting tours is safety. That is why you are to be accompanied with professional hunters and jaegers.


Inform us with requisition form that you wish to have Baikal hunting tour and we will develop the individual program for you.


Вы можете присоединиться к уже сформированным группам и не только увидеть красоту Байкала, но и найти новых друзей.
В таких турах размер групп от 8 до 16 человек - это оптимальное количество людей для комфортного путешествия по Байкалу.

В тур такого типа вы можете поехать своей компанией в ту дату, которая удобна вам, а маршрут и способ передвижения можно скорректировать под ваши запросы

Туры такого типа разработаны специально для отдыха всем коллективом.