Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes on Baikal. The variety of fishes delights both: laymen and professionals. Huge pikes in lakes and Baikal bays, black and white graylings in  mountain rivers, pollans and omuls in great Baikal. And this list is not complete in Baikal there are 52 species of fish, with 27 being endemics (living only in Baikal). They have counted that Baikal has 26 000 tons of omul!

Here on Baikal we use all kinds of fishing. Turkic people and Tunguses provided themselves with food with this way from times immemorial.

Along the Baikal shore many people have trophies of perch and grayling.Spinning here is pleasure for everyone because take of huge pikes is not rare but usual.

If higher and closer to mountains you can find taimens, lenoks (or Asiatic trouts), black and white grayling. That is a passion for fishing funs because trophies can be more then you expected. There are taimens with length of more than 1 meter and weight of 40-50kg!

We must say about so call “under screw” fishing. That is easy but very effective way. A motor boat of “Yaroslavets” by it waves engine made raise small entomostracans and seaweed which are grayling’s favorite meal. So fish “jumps” to your hanger.

Baikal has a lot of fish for really quality fishing. Everyone will be able to find a trophy. Besides these you will get amazing views and cleanest air and water; as a result it is unforgettable Baikal cruise!

We recommend you to fish with fishing guide in Baikal places. Chivyrkuisky bay with a pike as a trophy, secluded Island Yarky with success  fishing, Zavorotnaya cape area full of grayling, Froligh Lake which have red fish of Ice Age form (davatchan), and also estuaries of mountain rivers going to Baikal will not keep you indifferent.

The best time for trophy fishing is September. That will not disappoint you!


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Вы можете присоединиться к уже сформированным группам и не только увидеть красоту Байкала, но и найти новых друзей.
В таких турах размер групп от 8 до 16 человек - это оптимальное количество людей для комфортного путешествия по Байкалу.

В тур такого типа вы можете поехать своей компанией в ту дату, которая удобна вам, а маршрут и способ передвижения можно скорректировать под ваши запросы

Туры такого типа разработаны специально для отдыха всем коллективом.