Ice and Magic of Lake Baikal 2019

You’ll see crystal clear Baikal ice, magnificent ice grottos and caves, have plenty of snow, a great deal of drive and positive emotions; you’ll also learn about Siberian traditions, taste Baikal delicacies and try Siberian banya with bathing in cold Baikal waters! 

Tour duration: 6 days/5 nights

Arrival dates: end of February –March 2019

Day 1

Upon arrival in Irkutsk you’ll be met by your guide at the airport and transferred to Listvyanka – a tourist capital of Baikal region which is 70 km away from Irkutsk (time spent traveling – 1 hour).

On your way to Listvyanka you’ll have a chance to go on a guided tour to an open air museum of wooden architecture and ethnography “Taltsy” which represents the history of the four historical and cultural zones of Baikal region: Russian, Buryat, Evenki and Tofalar.

Enjoy Russian cuisine for lunch at the museum’s tavern.

Upon arrival to Listvyanka you’ll be accommodated at a comfortable hotel (standard rooms, DBL/TWN). You’ll have some spare time to relax after the trip.

In the afternoon you’ll go on a guided tour to the Baikal Museum where you’ll get an opportunity to learn about the history of the lake’s exploration, its flora and fauna. The museum’s sizeable and varied collection has about 17 000 exhibits. Unique lake’s inhabitants swim in large aquariums, the water to which is pumped directly from Baikal.

Then the chairlift will move you up to the “Chersky Stone” viewing point where you’ll have a panoramic view of the Angara’s origin, which is considered to be the largest in the world.

Return to the hotel and enjoy Siberian and European cuisine for dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 2

Your day will start with breakfast in the hotel restaurant. After breakfast it is time to go snowmobiling across the Baikal ice!

The route will go along the Circum-Baikal Railroad which used to function as part of Trans-Siberian Railway, today being the architectural and engineering monument. There are 39 tunnels, 16 stone galleries, 248 bridges and overpasses along the 260 km of the Railroad.

After the guided tour to the bridges and tunnels enjoy hot lunch and aromatic tea with taiga herbs at the holiday center.

On returning to Listvyanka enjoy dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Additional offer (not included in the price): dog sledding, a photoshoot with Husky, Siberian banya with professional sauna master and ice bathing. 

Day 3

Today after breakfast in the hotel restaurant you’ll make a trip by “Hivus” (air cushion vehicle) along the Baikal’s western coast to Olkhon Island.  You’ll cover 300 km, marvel the landscape, ice bars and the crystal clear Baikal ice.

During the trip you’ll be offered Siberian cuisine for lunch at the holiday center, have photoshoots and walk on the lake’s ice.

Upon arrival to the village of Khuzhir (Olkhon’s “capital”) you’ll be accommodated at the comfortable holiday center (standard rooms, DBL/TWN).

After a long and eventful day enjoy dinner in the center’s café.

Additional offer (not included in the price): Siberian firewood banya with birch and silver fir sauna whisks (“veniks”).

Day 4

Today after breakfast in the center’s café you’ll spend the day making a tour across the frozen Baikal to the northernmost point of Olkhon Island – Khoboy Cape. The transport used: UAZ 452 and UAZ Patriot.

During the trip you’ll have a chance to see magnificent ice grottos and caves, picturesque capes and rocks of the island.

Enjoy Siberian cuisine, taiga herbal tea and home-made liqueur made from taiga berries for picnic-style lunch on Baikal ice.

In the evening enjoy Baikal and Siberian cuisine for dinner at the center’s café.

Additional offer (not included in the price): Siberian firewood banya, ice fishing, ice skating and tubing on the Baikal ice. 

Day 5

Enjoy breakfast in the center’s café.

After that you’ll make a coming back trip by cars through the snow steppe and taiga forest (330 km, time spent coming back to the holiday center is 5 hours).

You’ll make a stop at the Ethno Park to enjoy national Buryat and Mongolian dishes for lunch. You’ll have an opportunity to take pictures in national costumes and go on a guided tour to the museum yurts.

Upon arrival in Irkutsk you’ll be accommodated at a comfortable hotel in the city center.

Go on a guided car tour around the capital of Eastern Siberia.

After a long day enjoy dinner in the hotel restaurant. 


Day 6

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

Airport transfer.

Departure for your home city.

Price starting at 1055 $.
(the price depends on the number of people in the group.)

The price includes:

  • staying at the hotel in Listvyanka (1/2 DBL/TWIN, 2 nights);
  • staying at the holiday center on Olkhon (1/2 DBL/TWIN, 2 nights);
  • staying at the hotel in Irkutsk (1/2 DBL/TWIN, 1 night);
  • provision of a knowledgeable guide during the whole tour;
  • snowmobile rental on the 2nd day (one snowmobile per 2 persons)
  • individual transfers according to the program;
  • 2 –time meals (breakfast and lunch);
  • excursions according to the program; museum admission fees;
  • photoshoot in the ethnographic park.

The price doesn’t include:

  • dinner;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • additional snowmobile rental (one snowmobile per 1 person);
  • banya;
  • additional excursions and services.


“Anastasia” Hotel in Listvyanka

 “Anastasia” Hotel, one of the best hotels in Listvyanka, is located at the origin of the Angara River.

Cozy rooms are furnished with Italian oak furniture and decorated in marine style. Every room has cable TV and its own bathroom. Some rooms have balconies.

There is a steambath, pool, and a guarded parking lot at guests’ disposal. There is also a conference hall and an open terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available on the hotel’s territory. Continental breakfast is served in the morning and the restaurant has a panoramic view onto the lake. 

Bencharov’s Homestead (Olkhon)

The Bencharovs have been accommodating both foreign and Russian tourists for more than 10 years in their homestead on Olkhon Island.

The homestead is located in the center of the village of Khuzhir, 5 minute walk away from the island’s main landmark – Burkhan Cape.

All the rooms are situated in typical Russian wooden houses with stove and electrical heating. Comfortable rooms have all the necessary facilities for a nice staying: the rooms are furnished and have a bathroom with a shower unit.

There is a canteen and a café on the territory of the homestead. All the dishes are made from local organic foods. There is a Siberian firewood banya. 

“Kupechesky Dvor” Hotel 

The hotel is located in the historical center of Irkutsk. There is the Babr Monument (a heraldic symbol of the city of Irkutsk) near the hotel. Within walking distance from the hotel you can see and admire the unique monuments of stone and wooden architecture of the 18th-19th century Irkutsk.   The hotel building represents a unique historical reconstruction of a traditional Siberian farmstead made of pinewood.

There are comfortable and cozy rooms with King size beds, tasty breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, comfortable bathrooms with warm bathrobes and quality bathroom amenities at guests’ disposal. All rooms are equipped with SMART TV sets and sound insulation system. 


Price: 1 055 $
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Categories: 8 марта и 23 февраля, Туры по самым красивым местам , Фото туры
People in group 4 — 12
  • Any day:
  • 24 February 2019 - 31 March 2019

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