Baikal ice expedition

The grand safari on Lake Baikal, where u gonna overcome ice-snow virgin soil, dive to in the water Sacred Sea, where u can swim in hot springs, try to driving dog sledding and snowmobile.

It is a unique opportunity to travel around Lake Baikal, on the place without roads. It is possible only at this time of the year, when the lake is covered of ice-bound. The usual daily temperature on Lake Baikal is about 23-14 F.

All the concerns about meals, cars and logistics takes the team of ice captains, who have a lot of experience of winter expeditions on the ice of Lake Baikal.


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Day 1

Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk. Transfer to Listvyanka settlement. It will take us about one hour to get there. Upon the arrival accommodation at the hotel “Anastasia” in double standard rooms. Lunch at the restaurant of the hotel. Rest. At your request we can make a hovercraft tour along the famous Circum-Baikal Railway and we have banya, which is made of ice (the excursion is paid extra). Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Meals included: lunch, dinner. 

Listvyanka Tran-Siberian Railway


Day 2

Today your Jeep safari will start. After breakfast several off-road cars will be waiting for you at the hotel. Driving on terrain cars to Peschanaya bay. It will take us 3-6 hours to get to the place driving on Baikal ice. Picnic along the way. In the evening accommodation at the “Baikal dunes” tourist center in double standard rooms with composting toilets. Dinner.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Dog sleddings Sandy Bay in winter


Day 3

Breakfast at the recreation center. Jeep safari to Olkhon island, travel time 4-5 hours. Excursion at the rock shelters and caves of Olkhon Island. Driving to the area Enkhok, accommodation at the same name tourist center in double rooms. After lunch at the tourist lodge it will be possible to make a golf tournament on the ice (is paid extra). Dinner. Siberian banya (3 hours).

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Ice caves of Small Sea in winter Ice golfing


Day 4

Breakfast at the recreation center. Today you will have an unforgettable event - diving on the eastern shore of Olkhon island at the location of the unique underwater grottos. Departure from the recreation center on jeeps to the diving place, where you will be able to cut minah on your own! Diving, picnic after diving. Driving to Ust-Barguzin. Accommodation in a guest house. Dinner.

Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner. 

Ice diving Baikal ice expedition with jeeps


Day 5

Breakfast at the guest house. Departure by jeep along the route of Ust-Barguzin - Davsha - Cape Kotelnikovsky. Total travel time - 8 hours. Dinner at the keeper in the village Davsha, excursion around the settlement. Continuing on, on arrival at Cape Kotelnikovsky accommodation at the recreation center in a double standard rooms. Rest. Swimming in pools with thermal water. Dinner.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Northern Baikal Ice of Baikal


Day 6

Breakfast at the hotel. Tour on snowmobile to the icy Lake Frolikha, which is located on the opposite shore of Lake Baikal. Tour's time duration - 3 hours. Picnic. In the evening you will arrive to “At Kotalnikovsky bay” tourist center. Accomodation. Dinner. Rest.

Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner.

Snowmobile safari Ice fishing


Day 7

Breakfast at the tourist center. Check-out. Transfer to Davan Pass by jeeps. It is a unique free-ride resort on Baikal mountain range slope. Going to the top of the hill by a snowcat. Mountain skiing or snowboarding. Accomodation in Severobaikalsk at the hotel “Golden fish” at twin or double standard rooms .

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

Davan Freeride


Day 8

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the airport in Nizhneangarsk settlement, travel time less than one hour. Check-in and landing on aircraft AN-24. Flight to Ulan-Ude. Flight time is about 1.5 hours. Meeting at the airport of Ulan-Ude, transfer to the hotel "Sagaan Morin.“ Accomodation at twin or double standard rooms . Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Ulan-Ude city Temle of Sain Nikols in Ulan-Ude city


Day 9

Breakfast at hotel. Visiting the Center of Tibet medicine. Lunch at a local restaurant. Transfer to Ivolginsky datsan, the trip takes about 1 hour. Excursion in the datsan, visiting lamas-astrologers. Return to Ulan-Ude. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel  «Sagaan Morin».

Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Buddhist temple Ivolginskiy Tibet medical centre


10 день

Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the airport of Ulan-Ude. Flight.

Meals included: breakfast.

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Hotel «Anastasia»

The hotel complex "Anastasia" is located 63-kilometers away from Irkutsk, in the village Nicola at the very source of the river Angara. This hotel is considered to be one of the best hotels at Lake Baikal. At the hotel there is a restaurant, a conference room, outdoor swimming pool with heated water from the lake. You will live in a cozy room with Italian furniture made of oak, the bed is large. In the room  is a fully equipped bathroom with a shower.

«Anastasia» hotel Standard room

Tourist center “Baikal dunes”

Recreation center "Baikal Dunes" is constructed in the unique picturesque place, surrounded by cliffs on the one side and a beautiful Siberian taiga and Lake Baikal on the other side. This is a small but a very comfortable tourist center situated in the Baikal National Park. Unlike many other lodges this the pristine landscape was preserved. Imagine wooden huts, which are situated among the fantastic Siberian forest. From the window you can see the cedar branches - the custodians of nature.


“Baikal dunes” tourist center standard room

Tourist center “Enkhok”

"Enkhok“ is a private and comfortable base of recreation. Located on the shore of the Strait of Small Sea, in a picturesque gully in the mountains on the shore of Lake Baikal. Accommodation at cozy wooden houses for 4 people. Despite the remoteness from urban civilization, the tourist center has everything one needs: warm toilets, electricity from independent power plant, intercom. According to «Forbes» in 2008 the eco-hotel "Enkhok" entered the top ten holiday destinations in Russia for its service quality.

“Enkhok” touris center cafe

Guest house in Ust-Barguzin settlement

The guest house is located in the village of Ust-Barguzin on the shore of the Barguzin gulf. Accommodation at double rooms. There is a bathroom in the house (sink with hot water, warm toilet). There is a banya in the courtyard. The guest house offers the hosts hospitality, excellent cuisine with traditional Baikal food and friendly atmosphere of this Siberian home.

Tourist center «At Kotelnikovsky bay»

A modern hotel complex is located within a hundred kilometers from the nearest town, surrounded by evergreen pines. The tourist center is a complex of two hotels, recreational areas and two outdoor pools. There is a double bed, bedside tables, desk, chairs, LCD television with DVD and built in wardrobe in the “Standard” room of the new building. Each room has a mini bar. There is a sink, toilet, bidet, shower, disposable toiletries in the bathroom. There are swimming-pools, a Russian “banya” with a shower room, modern gym, massage room, billiards. There is a restaurant and a café with traditional Russian cuisine.

«At Kotelnikovsky bay» tourist center Номер «стандарт»

Hotel «Golden fish»

The hotel "Golden Fish" is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, 20-minute walk from the center of Severobaikalsk. Standard rooms are in a separate cottage. The entrance to the cottage is for all guests, also there is a sitting area with a fireplace and TV. There are two toilets, a shared kitchen and dining room with a refrigerator. Each room is equipped with a bed, bedside tables, chairs and armchairs. Free wired Internet, Wi-Fi. At the hotel there is a Russian banya.

«Golden fish» hotel Номер «стандарт»

Hotel «Sagaan-Morin»

17-storey hotel "Sagaan Morin" is located in downtown of Ulan-Ude. Comfortable room of the category “Standard” consists of a bedroom and a bathroom equipped with modern equipment. There is a satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning, internet access and a mini bar in each room. The hotel is located in the shopping center, so you can go to the cinema, bowling, buy air-or train tickets.

«Sagaan-morin» hotel standard room


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Group size:10864
Price per person: 4 950 $ 5 500 $ 6 300 $ 7 800 $
Price per group: 49 500 $ 44 000 $ 37 800 $ 31 200 $

Tour price includes:

  • Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk, seeing at the airport of Ulan-Ude;
  • Guide service during the whole tour;
  • All transfers as per itinerary: transfer “Irkutsk – Listwyanka – Peschanaya bay – the Small Sea – Ust-Barguzin – Davsha – Kotelnikovsky bay – Severobaikals – Nizhneangarsk be equepped jeeps;
  • transfer to the airport;
  • Flight tickets “Nizhneangarsk – Ulan-Ude”;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Sagaan Morin” in double standard rooms for 2 nights;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “At Kotelnikovsky bay” in double standard rooms for 1 night;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Golden fish” in double or twin standard rooms for 2 nights;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Anastasia” in double standard rooms for 1 night;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Baikal dunes” in double standard rooms for 1 night;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Enkhok” in wooden houses for 1 night;
  • Accommodation at the Guest house in double standard rooms for 1 night;
  • Meals as per itinerary: day 1- lunch, dinner, 2- 11th days - breakfast, lunch, dinner ;
  • day 12 - breakfast;
  • Excursions as per itinerary: fishing at Lake Frolikha, excursion in Olkhon island, free-riding in Davan, bathing in hot springs in Kotelnikovsky bay, diving, visit to the ceter od Tibet medicine, visiting Ivolginsky datsan.
  • Leisure time activities, such as barbeque, campfires on the shore of the Lake, games, etc.

Extra services:

  • Flight or train tickets to and from Irkutsk;
  • Alcohol;
  • Extra excursions and services: gulf on ice (2 600 Euro for the group), hovercraft trip along the Round Baikal Railroad (850 Euro for the group), Banya made of ice at Lake Baikal (100 Euro per hour for the group of 5 people), dog-sledding tour (1500 Euro for the group of 3 people), ice-fishing (800 Euro for the group);
  • Meals not mentioned at the itinerary.
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Price: 4 950 $
Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
People in group 4 — 10
  • Any day:
  • 20 February 2019 - 31 March 2019

standard room


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